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So many people are struggling for a long time to become the HAPPY PERSON. Some people are very rich, have a good family, have a good health, but why is it so hard for them to become the HAPPY person. What’s wrong with them?..

Well, The first thing that we must realize is HAPPINESS is THE STATE OF MIND and that comes NATURALLY.

In the end, all the humans in this world just have one destination, becoming happy, free, and always have a good feeling in their mind, also fulfill with each other. So many people cannot feel the happiness because they always set the standard to become HAPPY, and the more they set, the more they cannot FEEL the HAPPINESS. Think about it!

What can make you happy right now? Having so much money? Having a beautiful/handsome soulmate? Having a good health? and after you achieved all those things, do your really feel HAPPY?

The answer is NO..

Because happiness is HERE and NOW, can you see the “BEAUTIFUL THINGS” around you NOW? From inside to outside? Try to find it first, and when you start to FEEL and LOVE yourself, SMILE to yourself, and have a good mindset like : No Complain, No Blame, No Excuse, No Doubt, you almost can feel what THE REAL HAPPINESS is. Of course all the people have problems in their life. Well, I love to say that problem is a LESSON. When you can understand deeply why you got stuck in your problem, step by step you can release your problem and go to the next level of your life.

If you had so many negative beliefs and negative emotions like FEAR, DOUBT, HATE, ANGER, SAD,UNSATISFIED,UNGRATEFUL, you will never feel the HAPPINESS inside you, because the problem is not outside, but that is INSIDE yourself. So you can check yourself, whether you get angry easily? Annoyed? Cry? Or hate something? and after you checked, you can check your ENVIRONMENT, Did your family and your friend cause you to be the “TOXIC” people or not? This is very dangerous, because what is your environment, you BECOME. If you cannot change your environment, you can change yourself, smile to yourself, feel your breathe for 10 minutes, even though how hard your condition is right now. TRY it, It WORKS.. Try once again, again and again, believe this simple process can make you really HAPPY if you do it consistently. Start to believe this, and LOVE yourself no matter who you are… Now..

One thought on “WHAT IS HAPPINESS?

    Let feel your body, your mind right here and now, no one else but your own.
    Happy is right here

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