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This is a question which so many business owners asked me. As we realized that the GROWTH of the sales number and sales revenue from your company does not always guarantee your company in a “GOOD CONDITION AND HEALTHY”

From our experience and what we have observed, the human resources management system is the most VITAL thing to influence the VALUE of a company. Imagine if a company had so many demands to their product , but the system within the company is so messy , like finance, purchasing, shipping, incompetent staff, bad Human Resources and Training Department. Think about what was going to happen to this company for a long term?

Currently, this ISSUE becomes the TOP PROBLEM to all business owners, especially for the conventional company. They don’t have a GOOD SYSTEM for a long time already, especially if THE TURN OVER of the employees was very high, and unfortunately the CORE TEAM cannot survive. So if you have the plan to sell your company for the next 3 years, or if you want your company become GO PUBLIC, you must concern about this from now on. Is it the system in your company easy to understand and easy to achieve? Is it your company have a good STEP BY STEP PROCESS to make your employee become more productive from time to time? How about your HR , FINANCE , OPERATIONAL and SALES SYSTEM? Is that easy to duplicate your system to the new staff? How about your vision and mission? Did all of your staff can feel and understand DEEPLY about what you want?? Did you place the right people in the right position in the right time? What about RECRUITMENT and Assessment system in your company?

If your company is still on this ISSUE until now, it’s time to invest to make the RIGHT SYSTEM and find the transformational COACH to help your business. It is the best option to help your business. 8 of 10 companies usually bankrupt in the first 5 years, one is caused by the POOR quality SYSTEM and human resources in the company. So if your company still does not have a good system and human resources, how can your company really survive and grow? Think about how many competitors are stealing your customer quietly everyday? How many LOSS you got already? It is going to happen again in the future in the big scale?

Let us think for a moment ..

To start a business we need the money. To make your business survive, profitable, and become the MARKET LEADER to be able to compete with the other competitors, we need the RIGHT human resources and RIGHT SYSTEM to produce the RIGHT result that align with the business owners desire. In the reality, after implementing THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND THE RIGHT SYSTEM, the value of the company can increase to 30%-40%.

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