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Transformational Business Management System



Since 2012, we have been executing theories in business management system into the real actions to make business become more profitable and auto pilot, we do not only coach, teach and train, but we also totally help the business owners to execute and apply the good theory into the real result. We believe that GOOD THEORY without Execution is nothing. So we also use KAIZEN, SIX SIGMA, MCKINSEY STRATEGY to help all the business owners to TRANSFORM TOTALLY.

Transformational Development Coaching



We use transformational coaching to upgrade your thinking skills and thinking ability to the next level. Transformational coaching is the newest technology in coaching industry. We adopt many different kinds of mind technology to create this transformation coaching such as : NLP, Neuro Semantics, Pshyco-Cybernetics, Quantum Coaching, Silva Method and Ericksonian Hypnosis.



Transformational Development Training



Transform your happiness

Transform your business

Transform your life purpose

Transform your spiritual level

Transform your personal development with us.

You do not only transform your motivational level, leadership level and your personal development level, but you also transform your spiritual level with the highest purpose of life.

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You should use our services if

You want to improve your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT

If you think Leadership, Selling Skills, Communication skills, Personality, Emotional Intelligence , Attitude, Behavior, Thinking system are very important. Let’s join us to TRANSFORM that to the NEXT LEVEL.

You want to make a GREAT SYSTEM in your business to become more PROFITABLE and AUTO PILOT

We have a lot of PROVEN tools to make your system become more simple, easy to understand, easy to duplicate, easy to measure. All of your business system such as : Finance system, HR system, Training System, Sales and Marketing System.

You want to find the RIGHT people for your organization

If you feel that finding the right people to support you are almost impossible, let’s prove that is not always right after you meet US.

You want to create GREAT LEADERS in your organization

We have a lot of strong human resources to support your business. if you need more leaders in your organization, or if you want to train your manager to become a great leader, choosing us is the BEST solution.

You want to create a better CASHFLOW MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

So many company went bankrupt because of BAD CashFlow Management System, call us now to make it better before you lost much more money.

You want to build A GREAT TEAM for your company

We also provide the proven strategy about how to build a great team, team building, team synchronization, team assessment and team alignment.

You want to create INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY division

Internet Marketing, Website, Google Marketing, Youtube Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing are very IMPORTANT to make your business MORE PROFITABLE. So, contact us if you don’t have any idea how to start Internet Marketing Strategy. We will support you.


If you think that training is useless, give us one more chance to prove that training, coaching and workshop is useful to yourself and your business.

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What our clients say

Ini kedua kalinya saya mengikuti workshop pak Candie Willy, dan saya selalu mendapatkan manfaat dan ilmu baru yang tidak bisa saya dapatkan di workshop lainnya..
Maju Terus!
Keep On Learning.
Thanks Pak Candie

Felix Sunasli ,BBA – President Director of PT.National Super
Candie Willy is a young man that empowered himself in high-spirit and fully driven to be successful in achieving his dream to be the first and the youngest transformational coach in Indonesia. His focus in motivating people to be more positive, more successful and happy in life is as a cute as like he motivating himself. Candie Willy has kindly shared his knowledge from all sort of perspectives that he has learned from the others, as well as his own experiences.

Melvina Husin,BFA & GCPM (USA)

I recommended to read for the people who would like to improve themselves.
Positive thinking is not necessarily the right way to think. I strongly agree
to this statement. Well done, COACH !

Andrea Budi Dharma BBA from CUNY, Baruch College. New York - America

Is POSITIVE THINKING the most critical factor to succeed? The common
answer is “YES”!, However, Candie Willy has a DIFFERENT opinion! Want to
know why and how? This Book “QMT” ready provides the answers, the
reasons, the techniques from a different angle. Interesting and useful book
to read and knowledge to know, Congrats Candie!

James Gwee TH.,MBA Indonesia Favourite Trainer - Singaporean

Candie Willy gave me a lot of new paradigms of human thinking system, behavior and mindset. Candie Willy and his team are very talented, have high motivation to continue exploring their knowledge In self development area. He is the person who walks the talk. Thank you, you are very inspiring.

DR. Kristiana Dewayani, M.Si Psychologist, Gunadarma University Lecturer

By participating in the outbound training held by Candie Willy, now I truly understand the hidden potentials within me and my weaknessess that now I have released and transformed. His principles to always learn and develop himself is very admirable. Thank you.

Rahmanita, Ph.D Sumatera Utara University Lecturer


About us

Candie Willy is a Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker and Business / Corporate Coach.

His clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, entertainers, chief executives, therapists and professionals. One of his achievements is the special award of Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner that he received in United Kingdom, London.

Candie Willy specializes in transforming people to the next level, in their life, business, and personal development. He does not only teach, coach, motivate, heal and train his clients, but he also helps them to apply, implement and execute all the best knowledges into the real life - real result..

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